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TerrainCut™ Front Mower

•7-Iron™ PRO Side Discharge or Fastback™ Rear Discharge Deck
•Diesel Engine
•Integrated ComfortCab
•Compatible with select front blade, snow blower and broom attachments

They say there’s a mower for every job. We say there’s a mower that can handle just about any job you throw at it. It’s called the 1500 Series TerrainCut Front Mower. The most capable year-round front mount mowers we’ve ever made, this new lineup delivers unsurpassed performance. With an available factory-installed ComfortCab, powerful diesel engines, and 7-Iron™ PRO decks, the 1500 TerrainCut Series Mowers are more than up to the task.

Make that tasks – because the 1500 Series is also the most versatile front mower we’ve ever made. When you combine the full array of available attachments and implements with that heated, cooled, sealed, sit-back-and-get-to-work-in-any weather cab, you’ve got a machine that pretty much stops at nothing. Mowing and sweeping, pushing and plowing? It’s all in a day’s work. Every day of the year.

The 1500 Series TerrainCut Front Mowers are powered by liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder diesel engines.

These engines feature low levels of exhaust and emissions, reduced noise levels, and excellent fuel economy. They also meet the necessary Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4 emissions requirements.

Models 1570, 1575, 1580, and 1585 are biodiesel compatible from the factory up to B20. Model 1550 requires an optional kit to be compatible with B20 biodiesel fuel.

A Kanzaki® 30-cc transmission is used for reliable operation.

Durability features include the following:
•High-capacity hydrostatic transmission and heavy-duty transaxle maximize performance and uptime and minimize cost of maintenance.
•Charge pump is used to efficiently deliver oil to the transmission.
•Oil cooler helps maintain optimum transmission oil temperature for superior performance and longer transmission life in the most challenging operating conditions.
•Maximum forward top speed is 12 mph (19.3 km/h) on the 1550, 1570, and 1575 and 15 mph (24.1 km/h) on the 1580 and 1585.
•Self-bleeding design helps keep air out of the system.

Kanzaki is a trademark of Kanzaki Kokyukoki Manufacturing Company.

The revolutionary tubular, high-strength welded steel frame provides durability and allows major components to be located lower in the machine:

• The design results in a lower center of gravity for better stability and traction on hillsides and slopes.
• Rollover protective structures (ROPS) are integral members of the frame.

Designed-in service accessibility helps ensure daily maintenance is completed to keep the machine operating at peak performance.

The hood opens rearward, exposing the following:
•Oil and fuel filter
•Hydraulic oil cooler
•Radiator check/fill

The hood can be totally removed, if necessary. The seat flips forward for access to air filter, fuse bank, engine oil dipstick, and front of engine.

Fuel Type: Diesel


Engine Model
Gross, PS, 37.4 hp (27.5 kW)
Rated engine rpm
3,000 rpm
100.2 cu in. (1.64 L)
Maximum torque
At 1,950 rpm, 80.4 lb-ft (109 Nm)
Cooling capacity
10 U.S. qt (9.5 L)
Air Cleaner
Dual element dry type
Air restriction indicator

Fuel System

Fuel Type
Diesel (B20 compatible)
Fuel Capacity
16 U.S. gal. (60.6 L)


Charging system
Automotive type
Alternator, AMP
95 amp
Battery Voltage
12 V

Power Train

Hydrostatic full time 4WD, on-demand
Speed and Direction Control
Two-pedal foot
Cruise Control
Hi/Lo Range
No, single speed transmission
Hi forward
0-12 mph (0-19.3 km/h)
Hi reverse
0-5 mph (0-8 km/h)
4-Wheel Drive
On demand, YesFull time, Yes, Standard
Differential Lock

Power Take-off

PTO Clutch
Wet multi-disk, modulated
PTO Drive Output
2,000 rpm


Open center
Pump Capacity
5.1 U.S. gpm (19.3 L/min)
Spool Valve
Front lift, standard
Lift cylinders

Steering and Brakes

Steering Type
Hydraulic cylinder
Turns lock-to-lock
2 maximum, 1.5 minimum
Brake Type
Internal wet disk
Individual Turn Brakes
Standard | Master brake: Standard, locking

Tire Size

Weight transfer type
Optional hydraulic


49.2 in. (125 cm)
Ground Clearance
6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
Less mower deck, 86.7 in. (220.2 cm)
Overall Width
With 23x10.5 tires, wide stance, 58 in. (147.3 cm)
Shipping weight
Net weight, without mower or fuel, 2,436 lb (1,105 kg)


Factory installed ComfortCab?
ROPS Certification
2-POST: OSHA 1928; Canadian Std.: CSA-352; 4-POST: SAE J2194; EU Standard: 86/298/EEC; ISO 21299:2009
Overall Height with ROPS
With cab, 83.9 in. (213 cm)

Mower decks (side discharge)

One-piece stamped steel; 7-Iron PRO
Deck thickness
7 gauge 0.18 in. (4.6 mm)
Cutting width
60, 72 in. (152, 183 cm)
Deck offset
Cutting height
1-6 in. (2.54-15.24 cm)
Belt tensioning
Spring loaded
Blade tip speed
18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min)
Caster wheels
Type: Flat freeSize, 11x4-5
Front anti-Scalp rollers
Yes, gauge wheels
Rear anti-scalp rollers
Yes, gauge wheels

Mower deck (rear discharge)

Cutting width
62, 72 in. (157, 183 cm)
Cutting height
1-6 in. (2.54-15.24 cm)
Caster wheels
Type: Flat freeSize, 11x4-5