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TerrainCut™ Front Mower

•7-Iron™ PRO Side Discharge or Fastback™ Rear Discharge Deck
•Diesel Engine
•Biodiesel Conversion Kit available
•Compatible with select front blade, snow blower and broom attachments

They say there’s a mower for every job. We say there’s a mower that can handle just about any job you throw at it. It’s called the 1500 Series TerrainCut.

The most capable year-round front mount mowers we’ve ever made, this lineup delivers unsurpassed performance. With an available factory-installed ComfortCab, powerful diesel engines that meet US EPA T4 requirements, and 7-Iron™ PRO decks, the 1500 TerrainCut Series Mowers are more than up to the task.

Make that tasks – because the 1500 Series is also the most versatile front mower we’ve ever made. When you combine the full array of available attachments and implements with that heated, cooled, sealed, sit-back-and-get-to-work-in-any-weather cab, you’ve got a machine that pretty much stops at nothing. Mowing and sweeping, pushing and plowing? It’s all in a day’s work. Every day of the year.

TerrainCut 1500 Series Mowers are great on grass. They’re even better when you’ve also got snow, dirt, gravel or leaves piling up underfoot. Just swap out the implements (sold separately), and keep right on crossing jobs off your to-do list.

On the clock 24/7/365. Enhancing comfort every second.
From here, the workday looks pretty good. And feels pretty great. You’ll be master of all you survey, from early morning to late in the evening (thanks to optional beacon light and rear worklights). And in complete control of your seat, climate and favorite music.

Sit tall in the saddle.
At the center is the factory-installed Air Ride Seat, complete with pushbutton suspension adjustment. At your fingertips is an ergonomically designed control station, with everything placed to enhance comfort. And out in front of you is a great view of everything in your path, thanks to a sleek design that improves sightlines.

Beautiful cuts. Thanks to this beast of a deck.
John Deere’s exclusive 7-Iron™ PRO decks are recognized as the strongest, most durable decks around. And with good reason – at 5.5 inches (13.9 cm) deep and 7-gauge sturdy, they’re a force to be reckoned with. All that quantity is matched by unsurpassed cut quality – on all types of grass, in all kinds of conditions – thanks to details like deep decks that provide better airflow, cold-forged, heat-treated spindle shafts and an 18-in. (45.72 cm) wide discharge chute for even dispersal.

What can’t they do?
As far as the 1500 Series TerrainCut Mowers are concerned, there’s no such thing as downtime. If there isn’t any grass to cut, they’re ready to clear driveways. If there’s no snow to blow, they’ll happily tackle some material piles. And if there’s no dirt to push around, just get out the broom and sweep up every sidewalk in sight.

Always powerful. Always at your service.
The all-diesel engine lineup in the TerrainCut 1500 Series – including 24.2 hp (17.8 kW)1 and 37.4 hp (27.5 kW)1 Tier 4 models – is all about power, pure and simple. They’re built to start when you want them to. Run as long as you need them to. And cut through the tough stuff whenever you ask them to.

Equally powerful is our commitment to serviceability – we design these machines so they’re as easy to work on as they are to work with, with everything from rear hoods that tilt up to Service ADVISOR™ connectivity on some models for quick diagnostics.


Engine Model
Gross, PS, 24.2 hp (17.8 kW)
Rated engine rpm
3,000 rpm
77 cu in. (1.26 L)
Maximum torque
At 1,900 rpm, 47.2 lb-ft (64 Nm)
Cooling capacity
7.5 U.S. qt (7.1 L)
Air Cleaner
Dual element dry type
Air restriction indicator

Fuel System

Fuel Type
Diesel (optional kit permits B20 compatibility)
Fuel Capacity
16 U.S. gal. (60.6 L)


Charging system
Automotive type
Alternator, AMP
75 amp
Battery Voltage
12 V

Power Train

Hydrostatic 2WD, optional full time or on demand 4WD
Speed and Direction Control
Two-pedal foot
Cruise Control
Hi/Lo Range
No, single speed transmission
Hi forward
0-12 mph (0-19.3 km/h)
Hi reverse
0-5 mph (0-8 km/h)
4-Wheel Drive
On demand, YesFull time, Yes, Optional
Differential Lock

Power Take-off

PTO Clutch
Wet multi-disk, modulated
PTO Drive Output
2,000 rpm


Open center
Pump Capacity
5.1 U.S. gpm (19.3 L/min)
Spool Valve
Front lift, standard
Lift cylinders

Steering and Brakes

Steering Type
Hydraulic cylinder
Turns lock-to-lock
2 maximum, 1.5 minimum
Brake Type
Internal wet disk
Individual Turn Brakes
Standard | Master brake: Standard, locking

Tire Size

23x10.5-12, Optional: 23x8.5-12
18x8.5-8 (2WD), 18x8.5-10 (4WD)
Weight transfer type
Optional hydraulic


49.2 in. (125 cm)
Ground Clearance
6.5 in. (16.5 cm)
Less mower deck, 86.7 in. (220.2 cm)
Overall Width
With 23x10.5 tires, 51.7 in. (131.3 cm)
Shipping weight
Net weight, 2wd without mower or fuel, 1,675 lb (760 kg) | Net weight, 4wd without mower or fuel, 1,835 lb (832 kg)


Standard (folding)
ROPS Certification
2-POST: OSHA 1928; Canadian Std.: CSA-352; 4-POST: SAE J2194; EU Standard: 86/298/EEC; ISO 21299:2009
Overall Height with ROPS
82.7 in. (210 cm)
Overall Height with ROPS Folded
58 in. (147 cm)

Mower decks (side discharge)

One-piece stamped: 7-Iron PRO
Deck thickness
7 gauge 0.18 in. (4.6 mm)
Cutting width
60, 72 in. (152, 183 cm)
Deck offset
Cutting height
1-6 in. (2.54-15.24 cm)
Belt tensioning
Spring loaded
Blade tip speed
18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min)
Caster wheels
Type: Flat freeSize, 11x4-5
Front anti-Scalp rollers
Yes, gauge wheels
Rear anti-scalp rollers
Yes, gauge wheels

Mower deck (rear discharge)

Cutting width
62, 72 in. (157, 183 cm)
Cutting height
1-6 in. (2.5-15.2 cm)
Caster wheels
Type: Flat freeSize, 11x4-5