2018 JOHN DEERE HD200 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE HD200 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE HD200 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE HD200 at www.pedersenmachine.com

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The SelectSpray Series offers you more choices than any other line of sprayers. You can choose a high-quality centrifugal or diaphragm pump. A 200- or 300-gallon tank. An advanced automatic or reliable manual rate controller. Most importantly, the SelectSpray Series gives you the choice to use your utility vehicle for more than spraying. In minutes, and without tools, you can detach the sprayer, and use your ProGator™ Heavy-Duty Utility Vehicle for countless other tasks around your course.

Select the pump of your choice.
With the SelectSpray Series you can choose from two highly reliable pump types. Depending on your preference, you can have a high-pressure diaphragm pump or high-Ơow centrifugal pump.

Centrifugal pump
Pumping action is delivered by a rotating impeller. Perfect for applications that demand higher flow rates. Available in cast iron or stainless steel versions, this proven, high-quality pump can be intermittently run dry without failing its seal.
• Cast iron option is a good general purpose sprayer pump.
• Stainless steel option can handle more corrosive chemicals, like chelated iron.
• Powered by hydraulic motor.
• Standard bleed line helps maintain pump priming by purging air from pump.
• LifeGuard™ silicon-carbide seals allow pump to intermittently run dry without failing its seal.
Note: Centrifugal pumps are not recommended for turf paint spray applications.

Diaphragm pump
Positive displacement pump made for long life, easy service. Ideal for applications that demand higher pressures, such as walking spray booms, painting greens during the winter months, and tree spraying.
• Pistons operate in oil bath for long life and optimal lubrication.
• Mounting location allows for easy servicing of diaphragm.
• Effectively handles paint and other tough spray solutions.
• Excellent for providing plenty of pressure for walking spray booms.
• Hydraulically driven.

Select the controller you’d like.
Choose an economical digital manual controller or full-featured automatic rate controller. Both capable of assuring the calibration and precise control for successful chemical applications to your course.

Digital Manual Controller
Traditional, reliable, and affordable, the rock-solid digital manual controller is made for straightforward spraying. All functions are integrated into one control box. And the operator sets pressure and controls speed manually. It can be easily upgraded to an auto controller later thanks to a common wiring harness.
• Weather-resistant control box includes master switch, individual boom control switches, foam marker switch, boom lift/lower switches, and pressure increase/decrease switch.
• Control box located in front of glove compartment. Can be removed without tools.
• 100-psi liquid-Ɵlled pressure gauge for centrifugal pumps, 300-psi liquid-filled pressure gauge for diaphragm pumps.
• Gauge isolator system allows gauge to read pressure without chemical entering operator area.

Automatic rate controller
Preprogrammed with John Deere specs, the available automatic rate controller is the ultimate in accuracy, precision, and simplicity. Operator sets rate, and then the controller automatically adjusts flow or pressure based on vehicle speed. Controller also includes helpful features to help determine impacts of nozzle type, speed, and pressure on achieving target application rate. Plus features warning systems that sound when tank volume and operating pressures are low.
• Control box includes all switches for spraying functions.
• Digital pressure gauge with digital readout.
• Digital sight gauge tells operator how many gallons are left in tank and sounds alarm when only 25 gallons remain.
• Display shows total applied, total area applied, target rate, speed, pressure, and nozzle type being used.
• Can also be operated in manual mode.
• Simple nozzle selection. In setup mode, you can select a nozzle type, and the controller automatically calculates the pressure needed to apply the target rate at a given speed.

Excellent coverage. Simple set up.
Available height-adjustable 15/21-foot and 18-foot booms lift and lower without the engine running, thanks to a self-contained electro-hydraulic lift system. And of course, both offer the stability, and evenness to ensure consistent chemical application to the turf.

Flexibility No Dedicated Sprayer Can Match
Once you’re finished spraying, it’s truly simple to detach the tank and free your ProGator for other tasks. Just remove three mounting pins, disconnect hydraulic lines and electrical connectors, attach storage stands—and you’re done. You don’t even have to use any tools. Plus, stands include caster wheels so it’s easy to move sprayer around, and re-install.

Tank Capacity: 200


Welded steel
Spray tank rated capacity
200 U.S. gal. (757 L)
Jet agitation adjusted by proportional control valve; orifice: 0.313 in. (7.9 mm)
Pressure/Flow regulator
100 mesh, self-cleaning
Boom shutoff valves
Throttling valves
Standard; adjustable

Optional Centrifugal Pump

Cast iron or stainless steel
Max. Flow
97 gpm (367 L/min)
Max. pressure
96 psi (6.6 bar)

Diaphragm Pump

Number of diaphragms
Max. Flow
30.1 gpm (113.9 L/min)
Max. pressure
290 psi (20 bar)
Relief pressure
200 psi (13.8 bar)

Manual Controller

Weather-resistant control box with electronic control switches and liquid pressure gauge; removable without tools for storage
Switches on control box
Individual boom on/off, boom master, foam marker, boom lift/lower, pressure increase/decrease
For centrifugal pumps: 6.9 bar, for diaphragm pumps: 20.7 bar

Automatic Rate Controller

Weather-resistant control box with electronic control switches and digital pressure display; removable without tools for storage
Switches on control box
Individual boom on/off, boom master, foam marker, boom lift/lower, pressure increase/decrease, auto/manual
Pressure sensor
363 psi (25 bar)
Digital speed, digital pressure, digital tank sight gauge, and digital flow rate on rate controller screen
Rate control
Constant pressure or constant flow


Heavy-duty square tubing: 14 gauge | 0.747 in. (1.897 mm)
Number of sections
Boom height
Lift system
Electro-hydraulic standard
18 ft (5.5 m) or 15/21 ft (4.6/6.4 m)
Nozzle configuration
Triple-nozzle bodies on spacing of 20 in. (50.8 cm)

Foam Marker

Individual air and liquid pumps, solution mixes at foamer head
Adjustable with no tools by turning rotary knob on foamer box


Three pins, three electrical connectors, two hydraulic lines for easy removal with no tools
Optional storage stands

Dimensions (18-ft. boom)

Boom height (wings raised)
96 in. (244 cm)
Boom width (wings raised)
66 in. (167 cm)
Boom width (wings lowered)
203 in. (514 cm)

Dimensions (15/21-ft. boom)

Boom height (wings raised and extensions folded)
70 in. (178 cm)
Boom width (wings raised and extensions folded)
96 in. (244 cm)
Boom width (wings raised)
91 in. (231 cm)
Boom width (wings lowered and extensions folded)
188 in. (478 cm)
Boom width (wings lowered and extensions extended)
242 in. (615 cm)