2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com
2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com2018 JOHN DEERE CP690 at www.pedersenmachine.com

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CP690: The most powerful cotton harvester in the world
When we say the CP690 is the ‘most powerful,’ we’re not kidding. You won’t find another cotton picker in the world sporting 590 peak horsepower – 560 hp nominal with 30 hp boost – that’s strong enough to get you through the toughest harvesting conditions, and then some. Best of all, it’s packed into a new 13.5L Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine … an engine that’s as easy on your harvesting system as it is on the eco-system.
Add to that the fact that with the CP690 we’ve raised sync-speed harvest to 4.4 mph and bumped up scrapping speed to 5.3 mph. So with all this extra speed, you’ll still yield four bales an acre, yet finish
sooner. If that’s not a win-win, then what is?
But what’s power without performance? Consider that the CP690 features a new ProDrive Automatic-Shift Transmission with anti-slip regulation that provides superior front-to-rear traction stability. Plus,
a new auxiliary fan gives you improved rotary screen cleaning to help keep your machine debris-free. While the new standard LED lighting package maintains visibility at optimal levels, at all times.

• Improved non-stop round module harvesting with 4.4 mph max row unit sync speed
• 13.5L Tier 4 engine with 590 peak horsepower
• Next generation ProDrive™ with anti-slip regulation
• New Premium LED lighting package

Ginning advantages offered only by John Deere
The CP690 Cotton Picker brings advantages to one of the cotton producer’s most important production partners - their ginners.

During the cotton ginning season, ginners are constantly on the go. They coordinate moving modules from fields to the gin yard. They manage the cotton entering the feeder floor and keep the gin running should something break down. While doing all this, they still manage to gin and package 218-kg (480-lb) bales of cotton that are ready to go to a warehouse and ultimately a mill.

The Frontier™ Round Module Handler allows staging during or after harvest wherever is most convenient or ideal for pickup. After staging, round modules can be moved from the field by standard module trucks (after the inner six chains are changed) or flatbed semi-trailers. Four round modules fit easily in a standard module truck, whereas a 14.6-m (48-ft) flatbed trailer can haul six round modules, and a 16.2-m (53-ft) flatbed trailer can transport seven round modules at a time.

Conserve fiber quality with 360 degrees of protection
A combination of high winds and rain can damage cotton whether in the field or at gin yards. With the fixed, 2.44-m (8-ft) wide round modules, producers and ginners receive 360 degrees of protection, creating a unique shape that keeps cotton from wicking moisture that can reduce crop quality.

Modules are wrapped three times within the CP690's on-board module builder, ensuring cotton fiber and seed protection. Each portion of wrap contains two segments of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) film. A non-tacky layer is followed by two tacky layers to keep the round modules in a uniform shape and provide protection from dust and rain.

The Z-Lock™ with dual tail adhesive system ensures the tapered end of the wrap is secure in high winds and rain.

More power to pick in demanding conditions
The CP690 Cotton Picker is a powerful harvesting system - only from John Deere.

With a 418 kW (560 hp) 13.5-L John Deere PowerTech™ PSS Final Tier 4 (FT4) engine, the CP690 packs enough punch to pick in the most demanding conditions. A conventional basket picker can spend 20 percent or more of its time unloading, waiting for boll buggies, or driving back and forth to a module builder. The CP690’s non-stop harvesting system keeps operators where they need to be — in the field, picking cotton.

Producers have been greatly impressed with the engine's power, as well as the added benefit of having the full-time four-wheel drive (4WD) and anti-slip regulation on the CP690. These standard features enable them to harvest while other crews are waiting for the ground to dry.

Round module weighing affords expanded capabilities
Round module weighing is standard on all CP690 Cotton Harvesters and provides real-time feedback on module weight during harvest. Operators will appreciate the added capabilities afforded by this system, such as easier yield monitor calibration. Round module weighing teamed with Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro provides the ginner with recorded module weights to be loaded into their system. Gins without scales will be able to use the module weights to provide turnout data to the producer.

Theory of Operation:
Round module weighing process starts when the round module ejects from the module builder onto the handler. Once the handle automatically moves to the carry position the module weight is displayed on the CommandCenter™ display and displayed and documented in the GS3 2630 if the harvester is equipped with Harvest Identification, Cotton Pro.



John Deere PowerTech PSS™
560 nominal
Power Boost
30 hp (590 hp total)
13.5 L
Two 200 amp alternators

Cooling System

Rotary Screen
Ground Level Access to Coolers

Fuel System

Direct injection
On Board Diagnostics


ProDrive™ automatic-shift (AST)
Unit Configuration
1st speed (4WD)
0-4.4 mph
2nd speed (4WD)
0-5.3 mph
3rd speed (4WD)
0-9 mph
4th speed (4WD)
0-17 mph


Multi-disk, wet

Tires (Two available packages)

Standard Drive Tire (Dual)
520/85R42 R1W
Standard Steering Tire
IF580/80R34 R1W
Optional Drive Tire (Dual)
520/85R42 R2

Rear Wheel Drive

Rear Wheel Drive

On-Board Module Builder

Module Shape
Module Dimensions
Up to 94-in. diameter X 94-in. wide
Module Weight
4500-5000 lbs. estimated
Unload on-the-go
Wrap system carrying capacity
120 portions

Row Units

Number of Rows
30-, 36-, 38-, 40-in.

Picking Units

Units Available
Bars Front and Rear
16-12 (PRO-16)
Spindles per Bar
20 (PRO-16)
Doffer Pads
Moistener Pads
Unit Drive Protection
Slip clutch
Unit Movement
Crank and Roller

Picking Unit Lubrication

Upper Gears
Lube Tank Capacity
68 gallons

Tank Capacities (US Gallons)

Fuel Tank
DEF Tank

Moistener System (360 Gallon Capacity)

Quick Fill


Overall Length
399-in. (harvest); 470-in. (transport)
Wheel Base


Transport Mode
Harvest Mode
Full Height during module eject
25 ft


66,000 lbs.