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S-Series Combines offer unprecedented rotary threshing and separating performance.

Key features
• Flexible cab options
• High-performance S-Series cleaning system reduces slope sensitivity
• ProDrive™ propulsion system automatically shifts between two speed ranges as ground conditions change
• 300-bu (10,600-L) S-Series grain tank

Variable-stream rotor designed for tough material handling

The industry-exclusive variable-stream rotor features a tapered design in the threshing section which improves crop flow, enhances grain quality, and reduces power consumption. The variable-stream rotor with adjustable top cover transport vanes is recommended for producers of rice and tough threshing conditions.

The variable-stream rotor smoothens crop flow during tough handling conditions to maximize throughput. Along with the tough material handling capabilities of the variable-stream rotor configuration, the straw quality and length can be improved due to the electrically adjustable top cover transport vanes.

Feature benefits:
• The longer rotor taper in the threshing area allows improved material handling by providing smoother crop flow through the combine maximizing threshing performance and fuel efficiency.
• Electrically adjustable transport vanes allow operators to change the vane angle from the cab for improved straw quality.

TriStream™ rotor designed for coarse grains and easy threshing small grains

The TriStream rotor is unique to John Deere because it features a slightly tapered design in the threshing area for best in class grain quality while dramatically reducing the growling that often comes with heavy rotor loads. The TriStream rotor is recommended for producers who harvest mainly coarse grains along with easy threshing small grains.

The spiral vanes surrounding the rotor, guide the crop material through the threshing and separating area in a pull and release affect to improve performance. This John Deere S-Series Combine feature is going to generate less power consumption.

Feature benefits:
• TriStream rotor technology reduces the force required to move material through the combine by as much as 20 percent, maximizing fuel efficiency.
• The rifling grooves on the threshing elements allow the bullet-shaped rotor to move material more efficiently maximizing crop threshing performance and grain quality.
• Heavy-duty vanes on the top covers propel the crop smoothly rearward through the length of the rotor ensuring all the threshed grain is separated.

Automatic shifting with ProDrive™ transmission

The industry-exclusive ProDrive system uses PowerShift™ transmission technology to automatically shift between two speed ranges as ground conditions and terrain change, to keep the combine harvesting at the desired ground speed. Valuable harvest time will no longer be lost shifting on hills and when exiting fields to start transporting.

Feature benefits:
• Precise control of the combine speed (when going up or down hills), without the need to continuously monitor and adjust the hydrostatic control handle
• Retains high levels of productivity through the speed ranges with shift-on-the-go technology
• Maintains ground speed when engaging four-wheel drive (4WD) (if equipped)
• Operator-selected maximum speed within each range, allowing for more precise control of the combine in delicate operations (for example, when hooking up headers)

Drive more productivity with Harvest Smart™ system

The Harvest Smart system is an adaptive, on-the-go control system designed to enable automatic ground speed control during harvest operation. Harvest Smart ensures the combine maintains a consistent crop load (feedrate) by automatically changing the combine ground speed to compensate for variations in crop that are not readily visible to the operator.

During the course of a long harvest day, operators are challenged to maintain the combine at peak performance due to varying crop conditions that affect the crop load entering the combine. The Harvest Smart system will adjust to changing conditions faster than an average operator, maintaining a consistent crop load into the combine. Since the Harvest Smart control system automatically keeps the machine at maximum load capacity, as set by the operator, fatigue and stress are reduced and overall harvesting productivity is increased.

Feature benefits:
• Keeps a consistent crop load in the separator (rotor) for better utilization of machine capacity
• Maintains a consistent combine loss level for reduced overall field losses
• Reduces operator fatigue and stress during long harvest days
• Maintains consistent grain quality and cleaner grain sample due to more consistent crop loads in the combine

Platform tilt increases header productivity from the combine

Platform tilt is an option that allows growers to hydraulically adjust the fore-aft pitch of front-end equipment at the touch of a button from inside the cab to adapt to changing crop and field conditions.


9.0 L \ 548 cu in.
Emission Level
Final Tier 4 / Tier 2 (Australia/New Zealand)
Fuel capacity (L/gal.)
950 / 250
Rated speed (rpm)
Rated power (kW/hp) @ Rated Speed - T4
292 / 391
Power boost @ rated speed (kW/hp) - T4
25 / 34


Drive type
Fixed or variable or multi-speed
Conveyor chain slat type
Cast iron
1,397 / 55
Length (mm/in.)
1,727 / 68
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST)


Separator type
Rotor length (mm/in.)
3,124 / 123
Rotor diameter (mm/in.)
762 / 30
Rotor speed range (rpm)
210 - 1,000
Concave area (m2/in.2)
1.1 / 1,705
Separating area (m2/in.2)
1.54 / 2,390
Discharge grate area(m2/in.2)
0.36 / 555


Front chaffer (m2/in.2)
0.5 / 801
Chaffer (m2/in.2)
2.5 / 3,824
Sieve area (m2/in.2)
2.1 / 3,255
Total cleaning area (m2/in.2)
5.1 / 7,905
Cleaning fan speed (rpm)
620 - 1,350

Grain handling

Grain tank size (L/bu.)
10,600 / 300
Unloading auger length (m/ft.)
6.9 or 7.9 / 22.5 or 26
Unloading rate (L/sec. / bu/sec.)
116.3 / 3.3

Base Weight

Weight w/o head (kg/lb)
18,950 / 41,778