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Meet the next generation of sprayer performance from John Deere. Completely redesigned from the ground up with the latest advances in technology, the smartest cab in its class, higher application rates and smooth-running comfort, the R4030 Sprayer can take your productivity to whole new levels. Ready. Spray. Done.

The R4030 is dry spinner spreader compatible providing greater machine versatility for liquid and dry applications.

Long hours and hard work have always defined who you are. That’s the way you run. With these all-new sprayers from John Deere, you can cover more acres in less time. That’s the way you succeed.

The news is out. And it’s big. Meet the all-new F4365 High Capacity Nutrient Applicator. When we say big, we mean a higher capacity 330 cu-ft (9.3 cu m) dry spinner spreader capable of 60- to 90-ft (18.3 m to 27.4 m) spread widths for N, P, K or lime to help you meet tight application windows in early spring and late fall.

But it’s the first-rate ride quality that really sets the new F4365 apart, helping you or your operators stay focused and more productive throughout the day. More and more operators are praising its comfort and ease of use. Great news spreads fast.

The F4365 now complements our full line of self-propelled sprayers. Choose from four models to match your needs for capacity, tank size, boom width, power and loading. It’s all here. Everything you need to apply. One of the industry’s most comprehensive equipment lines. The latest precision ag technology, all fully integrated. Smart timeand money-saving solutions. Secure, open, insightful data management. And the parts, service and support you expect only from your John Deere dealer.

I run in smart comfort.
CommandView™ II PLUS Cab
You’re looking at one of the smartest, most comfortable cabs in its class. The view inside is breathtaking. The design, unprecedented. The productivity, exceptional.

Step inside the door opening, wider than before. Lean back into our extra-comfortable, easily adjustable ComfortCommand™ seat. Look around, there’s more space and extra amenities everywhere. Plus extra easy-to-use controls from the redesigned CommandARM™ with integrated GreenStar™ 3 CommandCenter™ display.

When operators are relaxed and in control, they can run longer hours
and get more done. You’ll find all these in our R4030, R4038 and R4045 Sprayer cabs.
Premium and standard cab options available.

Smooth, stable ride
That’s the only way to run.
This is what riding high looks like. From the moment our sprayers start running, operators will feel a big difference in the ride. It’s comfortable. It’s smooth and steady. It’s easy to maneuver. And it’s designed to give your overall productivity a boost.

The ride is one of the best in its class. We’ve included two proven features to cushion operators from the bumpiest field conditions — a field-proven dual strut independent wheel air-ride suspension and an auto air-spring leveling system. Both mean less operator adjustment in the field and on the road.

We’ve transferred up to nine percent of machine weight (varies by model and boom) to the front axle of the R4030 and R4038 Sprayers to enhance overall weight distribution and deliver better balance on the road and in the fields. Plus, our optional wheel slip control feature lets you run with confidence in mud and soft soil.

You have plenty of tire options, too, with the versatility you need to handle all your field conditions. At the end of the day, a smooth, stable ride lets operators travel faster across the field and cover more acres. And that leads to increased productivity.

Tank Capacity: 800


Peak rated power
209 kW / 280 hp
Final Tier 4
Number of cylinders
6.8 L / 415 cu in
200 amp
Fuel tank capacity
492.1 L / 130 gal
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank capacity
29.5 L / 7.8 gal

Solution System

3028 L / 800 gal
Tank material
Stainless steel or polyethylene
Rinse tank capacity
454.2 L / 120 gal
Quick Fill™ size
7.6 cm / 3 in
Automatic section control
John Deere Section Control (optional)
Solution system control
Automatic (optional) or manual
Fill location
Side fill, front fill (optional)
Chemical injection method
Dual-pump direct injection. Optional - up to 511 L / 135 U.S. gal
Chemical eductor
Stainless steel (optional)
Chemical eductor capacity (size)
32 L / 8.5 gal
Flow meter size
5.1 cm / 2 in
Suction strainer
20 mesh
Pressure strainer
50 mesh
Boom strainer
80 mesh


Boom length options
18.3/27.4, 18.3/30.5, or 22/36.5 m, 60/90, 60/100, or 72/120 ft
Automatic boom height
BoomTrac Pro - 5 sensor (optional)
Plumbing material
Stainless steel (polyethylene optional)
Ground height adjustment
50 to 245 cm / 19.6 to 96.5 in
Breakaway width
Stainless-steel boom - 3.3 m / 10.8 ft. Carbon fiber boom - 3.7 m / 12.1 ft
Boom sections
13 sections with boom length - 40 m / 132 ft ; 11 sections with boom length - 36.58 m / 120 ft ; 9 sections with boom length - 30.48 m / 100 ft ; 7 sections with boom length - 27.43 m / 90 ft


Full-time four-wheel drive (4WD)
Hydraulic reservoir capacity
98 L / 26 gal
Spray speed range
0 to 32.2 km/h / 0 to 20 mph
Transport speed, maximum
48.3 km/h / 30 mph


Dry compatible
Yes - 5.7 m3 / 200 cu ft
Dual-strut independent wheel air-ride suspension
Crop clearance with standard tires
152 cm / 60 in
Front tires
320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46
Rear tires
320/90 R46, 380/90 R46, or 420/80 R46
Flotation tires
520/85R38 or 620/70R38 (field installed only)
Hydraulic tread adjust
Wheel tread spacing
305 to 406 cm / 120 to 160 in
Wheel base
430 cm / 169.3 in
Turning radius
8.7 m / 28.5 ft
Parking brake
Spring-engaged, hydraulic-disengaged wet-disk pack
Primary brakes
Ladder raise/lower
Total weight with 90-ft boom
13,550 kg / 29,810 lb
Total weight with 100-ft boom
13,630 kg / 29,986 lb
Total weight with 120-ft boom
13,890 kg / 30,558 lb
Total weight with carbon fiber boom
36.6-m (120-ft) boom - 12,684 kg / 27,963 lb. 40.2-m (132-ft) boom - 12,739 kg / 28,084 lb


Air compressor
Onboard air (standard)
Foam marker capacity
Air injection foamer - 5.7 L / 1.5 gal