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The new T670 not only increases your productivity and efficiency, but also improves the quality of your grain and straw — and that’s something you can rely on in every situation. The proven crop flow system doesn’t bend or break your grain or straw and offers improved performance in all crops and all harvest conditions. The advanced threshing and cleaning systems now have the largest surface areas on the market.

The T670 delivers up to 15% more throughput so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Key features
• Single-point feederhouse latching
• Mass-flow sensor
• Reel resume in-cab control
• Easily remove fingers at rear of chaffer

Xtra Fast unloading system

The fast unloading system of the T670 provides a rate of 125 L/sec (3.3 bu/sec). Compared to the previous unloading system, this ensures an unloading rate that is 50 percent faster and is reflected as a time saving when unloading on the headland.

The higher unload rate is achieved by grain tank cross augers, an increased discharge housing including vertical auger, and an overall higher speed of the unloading system.

On-board air compressor

To improve serviceability and cleaning of the entire combine after a long and dusty working day, a factory-installed air compressor is available as an option.

The air compressor features three air take-off couplers: one on the left side near the toolbox compartment, one on the right side below the fuel tank, and one on the engine deck. With a 10-m (32.8-ft) hose, an additional air pistol, and a 125-cm (49.2-in.) lance, each point on the machine can be reached comfortably, easily, and quickly.

Enhanced extra-fine-cut residue system

The improved extra-fine-cut straw chopper delivers excellent chopping quality and best-in-class residue distribution of chopped material in the field with a cutting width up to 10.70 m (35 ft).

The extra-fine-cut chopper comes standard with serrated chopper knives, which ensure superior splicing of the straw and improved straw rotting process. The extra-fine-cut chopper is highly recommended for producers with no tillage or minimum tillage operations.

More cleaning system capacity with the Dyna-Flo™ Plus cleaning shoe

The Dyna-Flo Plus cleaning system comes standard with electric adjustment on all T670 Combines.

The remote cleaning shoe adjustment can be either completed from inside the cab on display settings or with the armrest buttons. As an alternative solution, such as when inspecting the shoe from the outside, settings can also be adjusted from the left side at the rear of the machine.

Faster crop-to-crop changeover

The quick-engage booster bar is adjustable from the outside via the stone trap with a 24-mm (0.95-in.) wrench. It has two positions. In the engaged position, the concave entrance features a profiled raps bar. In the disengaged position, the concave entrance features a smooth transition plate. Adjustment can be completed easily within minutes.

Material flow coming from the feederhouse passing the booster bar is slowed down; this increases the threshing efficiency. The booster bar does not have a negative influence on the crop flow or the grain quality. The booster bar increases threshing efficiency in hard-to-thresh crops without closing the de-awning plates, allowing maximum separation at the concave area.

Threshing and separating area increased by 19 percent

Functional components:
1.Large, 660-mm (26-in.) diameter threshing cylinder with 10 rasp bars and increased concave area
2.Smooth stripper roll and enlarged overshoot beater
3.Enlarged, 800-mm (31.5-in.) separator with high-performance separation grate
4.Eight-wing, 400-mm (15.7-in.) rear beater and rear beater grate
5.Seven-step straw walker design with welded or optional bolted universal and corn-cob mix (CCM) grids

The large, 10-rasp bar threshing cylinder with 660-mm (26-in.) diameter provides excellent grain quality and gentle material handling. Combined with the enlarged wrapping angle of 124 degrees, this ensures excellent threshing efficiency, providing unmatched capacity even in tough separating conditions.


John Deere PowerTech™ PSS engine
Emission level
Rated speed
2200 rpm
Rated power
292 kW \ 392 hp
Power boost @ rated speed
25 kW \ 34 hp
Fuel capacity
800 L \ 211 gal.


Drive type
Conveyor chain slat type
Under shot slat
1.85 m \ 73 in.
Feed Accelerator, Stone Trap (FAST
Standard/59 kW \ Standard/79 hp


Separator type
Multi Drum/Straw Walker
Rotor speed range
220 - 990 rpm
Concave area
1.35 m/s2 \ 2093 sq in.
Separating area
4.0 m/s2 \ 6200 sq in.


Front chaffer
0.6 m/s2 \ 930 sq in.
3.06 m/s2 \ 9393 sq in.
Sieve area
2.64 m/s2 \ 4092 sq in.
Total cleaning area (louvered)
6.27 m/s2 \ 9719 sq in.
Cleaning fan speed
Regular speed: 550 - 1350 rpm \ Slow speed: 300 - 600 rpm

Grain handling

Grain tank size
11.000 L \ 300 bu
Unloading auger length
7.05 m \ 23.5 ft
Unloading rate
115 L/s \ 3.3 bu/sec